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Glass Types

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Glass has widespread practical uses within the home and workplace. It allows light and heat to enter and can help to insulate from extreme weather conditions and loud noises

When it’s time to decide on your Glass & Glazing requirements, consider the aspects of:

  • Natural Lighting
  • Privacy and Safety Issues
  • Solar Heat Gain and Energy Efficiency
Safety Glass

Available in Laminated Glass or Toughened Glass

  • Used in all locations where there is a high risk of breakage due to human impact
  • Australian Safety Standards require that Safety Glass be fitted in areas such as Bathrooms, Glass Panelled Doors (Internal & External) and Stairways. Note: Safety Glass must be installed in all Schools, Aged Care Facilities and Child Care Centres
  • This glass is very durable & safe and it will not break into dangerous shards of glass when broken * See above link for further information
Double Glazing
  • Insulates against unwanted Heat Gain in Summer and Heat Loss in Winter.
  • Can also be combined with other Glass options, ie: Noise Reduction or Protection from Intruders * See above link for further information
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