Aust Safety Regulations require Safety Glass be fitted in all locations where there is a high risk of breakage due to human impact

  • Glass Panelled Doors (Internal & External) and in panels directly next to Doors and around Stairways 

  • Wet Areas ie: Bathrooms or Saunas

  • Schools, Aged Care Facilities and Child Care Centres

It is available in both Laminated & Toughened Glass. Both types of glass are very durable and safe and most importantly they will not break into dangerous shards when broken

*LAMINATED GLASS   (Classified as Grade A Safety Glass)

Lamination consists of two panes of glass with an interlayer. They’re bonded together with a combination of heat and pressure to produce a strong, high performance glass

When broken, the interlayer holds the bonded layers together (like a car windscreen) reducing the risk of injury, whilst also providing effective security for your home

Available in a range of thicknesses in Clear or Obscure Glass (White Translucent)


Toughening consists of the glass being heated in a furnace at extremely high temperatures and then rapidly cooled.  This process greatly strengthens the glass (up to 5 times stronger than Annealed Glass) thereby reducing the risk of breakage

When broken, the glass will break into small cubes making it less likely to cause injury, however it will not provide the same effective level of security of Laminated Glass 

Available in a range of thicknesses in Clear or Obscure Glass

Note: Toughened Glass requires between 5-7 days for processing