Energy Efficient Glass insulates to slow down the flow of heat in Summer and the loss of heat in Winter

Can also be combined with other options ie: Noise Reduction or Protection from Intruders


Low (Emissivity) glass lowers the amount of heat flow through the glass by reflecting thermal radiation rather than absorbing it, improving insulation and reducing heat transfer

Available in a range of colours including Clear, Neutral, Blue, Green and Grey

DOUBLE GLAZING     (Also known as Insulated Glass Units - IGU’s)

Consist of two or more panes of glass sealed to both sides of a spacer to create one unit.  The spacer is filled with air or Argon gas, which acts as an insulator against heat loss or heat gain.

IGU’s help improve acoustic performance and provide greatly improved insulation thereby reducing energy costs

Available in a wide selection of glass types

TINTED GLASS                                                                                      

Absorbs and radiates solar energy, reducing heat and glare while also helping to minimise the fading of furniture

Available in Green, Grey, Bronze & Blue